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Victory Vaccine Clinic is a stand-alone clinic devoted to providing standard preventive care with a view to promoting wellness thereby reducing morbidities and death rates particularly from vaccine-preventable diseases within the community and the country  as a whole. The HEFAMAA (Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency) approved clinic ensures constant electricity supply to maintain vaccine potency, trained and adequately certified health personnel for proper administration of the vaccine, necessary counseling, up-to-date record keeping practices, and proper management of effects following immunization. The facility also collaborates with nationally trusted pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare professionals to improve vaccination rates within the community.


Vision: Provide unparalleled preventive healthcare

Mission: To improve the lives of people of all ages by driving awareness on vaccines, providing vaccination and other preventive healthcare services thereby reducing mortality rates and ultimately eliminating vaccine-preventable diseases in the community.

Here is what we do

Government Routine Vaccination

Adult and Children Vaccination

Travel, home, office Vaccination

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Family Planning

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Cervical Cancer Screening

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Breast Cancer Screening

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Nutritional Support

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Point of Care tests

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Open Hours

Monday - Saturday

9:00AM - 5:00PM


Plot 57A, 11 Road, Festac Town, Lagos.