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Routine Children Vaccines

You can now get Government Routine Vaccines for children 0-5 years at Victory Vaccine Clinic without stress.  Click here

Vaccines are not just for children

Adults also need to get vaccinated to avoid getting and spreading diseases that could be deadly. Several circumstances can put you at risk for some diseases including, travel, job, health condition, or age. Also, some childhood vaccines may wear off overtime.

Real men protect their families

Yep, we went there. We are, by no means, implying that it is the sole responsibility of a man to ensure his family is vaccinated. We are challenging men to get more involved in ensuring the family stays protected from diseases, like many women do. If you already do so, kudos to you!  If you don’t, it is not too late to start. Do more research about vaccines for ALL ages. Talk to your health provider. Support your spouse and help encouage  your family members to get vaccinated. Ensure YOU also get vaccinated. Help keep track of vaccine routines and ensure everyone follows through.

Basically, we want both men and women working as a team to ensure the family is protected.

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